Let's co-recruit!

StatusGo manages your recruitment process. We do so proactively, with you, continuously. The big advantage? You have a constant and transparent view on your talent pipeline. StatusGo streamlines the agility of your organisation.

Our offer

Attracting Candidates

Ensuring a high quality inflow of candidates, both structurally and through activation. Revealing your strengths as an attractive employer, day in day out. Usually in the small things, and sometimes in bigger campaigns. Through all possible channels.

Proactive Talent Pooling

Dynamic management of your relationships with your candidates. Even for jobs that aren’t available.

Fit for Company Screening

Guiding the mutual meeting between the candidate and the organisation. Evaluating if it clicks between your organisation and the candidate.

Digital Instruments

State of the art digital tools make the recruitment process transparent. And a completely digitised workflow generates a dashboard that visualises key KPIs.

KPI Reporting

Periodic reporting about progress, efforts and results based on measurable variables and objectives.

Employer Branding

Streamlining and strengthening a larger conceptual framework that gives direction to your employer brand. Defining and shaping the EVP (Employee Value Proposition). Now and in the future.

Referral Recruitment

Actively involving employees as the ambassadors of your organisation. Engaging the teams in a positive way whenever they represent the employer.

Permanent Internal Contact

One fixed StatusGo recruiter provides primary support at your office, several days a week. A second line offers direct access to diverse HR and marketing skills.

Your company values shape the candidate journey.

Your added value

Agility of your organisation

Your organisation reacts immediately whenever an opportunity arises. A full and proactively managed recruitment reserve guarantees agility. No more long lead times. You can react quickly, whenever you need.

A long-term sustainable solution

By investing in a long-term solution, your organisation prevents fragmented, ad hoc solutions that are often expensive. All acquired knowledge remains within your organisation.

100% transparency on your talent KPIs

At any moment, you have an overview of the status of your recruitment process. No more black boxes, but a transparent and digital workflow. Transparency is the standard of the future.

Efficiency gains through internal levers

You build your database of candidates while we inject knowledge and the power of implementation into your recruitment process. The accumulated learning curves create synergies for the benefit of your organisation.

Anchoring your business, values and culture

Our first move? Listening to you. So we are completely in tune with your workflow. Because custom fits best, right?

Our approach

We go for co-recruitment.

One fixed point of contact that works part time in your organisation, with a dedicated secondary team of specialists. Supported by powerful tools and with a firm belief in value and people driven entrepreneurship.

Want to co-recruit?

Let's talk. We will create an approach tailored to your needs.

+32 493 74 99 29 hello@statusgo.be

Our team.

People are the face of an organisation. This is us.

Mariska Brosens

Recruits best when...

  • she supports enthusiastically
  • she helps define and draw the framework
  • she can always set the bar a little bit higher

+32 (0) 497 64 71 73

Gert Verlinden

Recruits best when...

  • the total candidate and employee journey are best in class
  • bridges between marketing & HR are build.

+32 (0) 497 10 09 75

Axelle Dondeyne

Recruits best by...

  • generating traffic towards your jobs
  • actively managing talent pools
  • communicate with impact

+32 (0) 473 51 94 48

Filip Modderie

Recruits best by...

  • building bridges between marketing & HR
  • injecting digital tools that makes your employees happy

+32 475 76 04 55

Sanne Huysmans

Recruits best by...

  • translating your EVP into triggering communication
  • create the perfect channel mix
  • give you the tools to interact with your candidates & employees

+32 (0) 478 17 20 90

Gaëlle Cools

Recruits best by...

  • generation inbound.
  • create triggering communication.
  • create the perfect channel mix.

+ 32 479 89 12 40

StatusGo is an entrepreneurial idea by Antenno.

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